Our Mission

Our purpose is to create a variety of works for theatre and film that are dedicated to honest real life based stories and to share these works with the community at large.

Our 5 Star Principles
  1. Choose universal themes (life, death, love, poverty, peace, struggle, dreams, passion, etc...) that are compelling, challenging and touching to the human heart and soul.
  2. Stories are inspired by their creative potential to be explored through a variety of multidisciplinary mediums: acting, singing, dancing, music, vocalizing, poetry, mask, and body expressiveness movement.
  3. Strive to create cultural content in the works and to cast ethnically diverse performers.
  4. Unite with other theatre companies and organizations to bring performing arts to a whole new level.
  5. Our mandate for all theatrical productions is to raise awareness about a specific charity and make a small donation to support this charity.
We believe that the true essence of art is the gift of giving!

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