Layne Coleman
Artistic Director
Theatre Passe Muraille

I saw a delightful mix of dance, clown, music, theatre, masque, and South Asian storytelling when I caught an evening of Light Of India.

The room was drapped in Sari's that created a magical environment and later became an integral part of what the show was saying.

Fenulla and her artistic partner have a dynamic chemistry together and there's a sense of joy in their collaboration.

The story is a good one of loss leading two very different kinds of women to India for a healing time. They both get what they need and both are surprised by what they need. Fenulla seems to be working off a teenage visit she had to India that imprinted her. It's a wonderful to see India through Fenulla's eyes.

The premise of a "white woman" being a wannabe South Asian is a good one and deserves more exploration. I believed in the coming together of these two women and I found the style of storytelling compelling.

Fenulla Jiwani has a unique artistic talent with a deep commitment to all aspects of theatre production.

Light of India - a MUST see!!
posted by bunced at the London Fringe Forums

Light of India is a true gem; let me highlight a couple of reasons why you should definitely see it.

I have been to many Fringe shows, but have never seen such a beautiful, elaborate and authentic set. I truly felt as if I was transported into a yoga retreat in India, and was mesmerized from the first moment.

As a two women show, these talented actors (Fenulla and Dawn) were very impressive in their ability to effectively incorporate music, dance and maskwork into a truly touching story. They grasped our attention with an extremely powerful first scene, and kept us captivated throughout the show with their originality.

Make sure you catch this wonderfully unique & diverse won't regret it!!

Light of India a feast for the eyes, mind and spirit!
posted by fringer at the London Fringe Forums

Wonderful acting, quirky and full characters, a beautiful set... this show is at times fantasy and dream-like, at times very real and stark.

These 2 WONDERFUL actors do so much to bring us in and take us on their "journey".

If you see one show at the fringe, make it this one!!! And bring your friends and family!

Light of India - a story of the heart
Posted by Gota Smile Gota Cry at the London Frive Forums

This years Fringe is filled with excellent shows and performances but Light of India still manages to stand out.

Both actors are not only talented and beautiful but they are able to portray distinctly different and yet equally wonderful characters.

The introduction is low key, very intimate and personal, building to an almost shocking revelation from both women. Then the story truly begins.

Once the two women meet at the yoga retreat ion India we see them beginning to interact, their reactions to each other ranging from interest, to frustration, from dislike to, eventually, a sort of kindred understanding.

The set and the technical aspects of the piece are also stunning, incorporating simple (and not so simple) masks and long sheets of beautiful Indian material to take you into the heart of an Indian market, through a young girls memories, along a golden river in a fairytale and finally back to reality, but a slightly transformed reality, made all the better by having experienced these women's journey.

I recommend this production to anyone who enjoys good theatre, sincere acting and thoughtful writing. You will not be disappointed.

Absolutely beautiful!
posted by Andrew and the London Fringe Forums

Seeing Light of India was definitely the highlight of my summer! Both actresses (Dawn Sadler and Fenulla Jiwani) poised the stage with raw talent and sheer professionalism.

Light of India was a very emotional play. With its refreshing humor, remarkable dancing, superior mask work (my favourite part of the play), and even elegant yoga routines, Light of India was a definite showstopper!

Iím planning on returning to see Light of India. I was extremely impressed by Dawn and Fenullaís performance, and it would be a pleasure to watch both of them perform on stage once again.

Iím definitely recommending this production to both my family and friends. A summer delight and such a wonderful treat for anyone to experience!

I was on the edge of my seat!
Posted by Amazed at the London Fringe Forums

What a great story that pulls together life's lessons. The characters in the play captured my attention from the minute the show began. It was a well written, well directed and well performed play. The actors had my attention captured for the whole show. I felt myself going through every emotion - from happiness, tears, excitement to laughter! Well done. It's a must see show!!

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